• Before getting started
    • Make sure the protective film is the correct part number for your make, model and year. If for some reason you have received the incorrect parts please contact customer service at (503) 384-2580, please have your invoice number handy.
  • How To Install UV Clear
    • For best results, install UVCLEAR™ in a warm environment. Thoroughly clean your headlight with soap and water and make sure you dry them off completely before installing UVCLEAR™
  • Remove Liner & Spray Solution
    • Peel off the liner from the backside of the UVCLEAR™ protective film. Then spray solution on the adhesive
  • Alignment & Application
    • Align the UVCLEAR™ film so that it covers the entire surface of the headlight. Apply UVCLEAR™ on your headlights. (Placing the sticky side against the headlight).