What makes AC Americas unique?

Our protective film is not just a flat film cut to a general shape, UVCLEAR® is manufactured to fit to the individual design of your vehicle. It’s a plastic that requires no trimming to fit or heatgun to install. We form the specific mold and cut the plastic here, everything we do is designed just for your car. Our process allows us to not only form our product 3 dimensionally but to adjust the thickness of the film throughout the part.

  • Custom built machinery (the product is so unique it was required)
  • Endless design capabilities
  • Experience in automotive industry
  • Quality control (making each sheet separately ensures this)
  • Innovative pioneering spirit
  • 100% U.S.A. made

UVCLEAR® film and the Autocontact product is our response to the problems that consumers have addressed with protective film. We have minimized the current challenges and dramatically increased the success rate of installation. For more specific information click here to contact us.


Company History

AC Americas is a Portland, OR based company with over 50 years of experience with plastic thermoforming. Autocontact, which is the formed product using UVCLEAR® protection film, is a result of over 5 years of research and development. AC Americas was issued a US patent for producing an optically clear thermoformed protective film. AC Americas is a family-owned business that has specifically chosen US manufacturers to supply all of their raw materials (resins, adhesives, etc.).

Sean Logan – Founder & CEO

Prior to AC Americas, Sean spent six years working in Automation, which resulted in his first patent. Sean then worked exclusively in the thermoforming industry for 2 years where he first came up with the idea for UVCLEAR®. Following his stint with thermoforming he opened up his own auto shop, where for 10 years he designed, developed, manufactured and distributed after market performance parts as well as offering automotive service.