The Technology

AC Americas (Autocontact) is now manufacturing UVCLEAR™,the world’s only 3- dimensional protective film that incorporates a patented process. UVCLEAR™ can be molded or formed to match the shape of complex surfaces as an uninterrupted seamless protective film.

UVCLEAR™, the revolutionary plastic designed specifically for your vehicle offers easy installation that protects against rock chips, hazing caused by UV radiation (yellowing), sand blast effects of general usage on public highways, and eliminates direct exposure to the elements and debris.

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AC Americas was hired to custom fit the headlights on my Mercedes Benz with their product UVCLEAR™.  UVCLEAR™ has not only protected my headlights from damage for the last 2 years but not one person has been able to tell that my lights have auto contact on. Great job guys!

- Matt Mullman