• UVCLEAR Headlight Protection

The Technology

AC Americas (Autocontact) is now manufacturing UVCLEAR™,the world’s only 3- dimensional protective film that incorporates a patented process. UVCLEAR™ can be molded or formed to match the shape of complex surfaces as an uninterrupted seamless protective film.

UVCLEAR™ is a revolutionary protection film that utilizes a patented process and is molded or formed to match the shape of your vehicles contoured surfaces. UVCLEAR™ has been engineered to provide the ultimate level of protection in the toughest conditions. It combines the benefits of impact, scratch, and stain resistance with long-lasting UV protection and a quick and easy install.

UVCLEAR™ film and the Autocontact product is our response to the problems that consumers have addressed with protective film. We have minimized the current challenges and dramatically increased the success rate of installation. For more specific information please feel free to contact us:

2525 NW 25th Place, Portland, Oregon 97210
Email T: 503-384-2580